Hello beautiful,

This blog has been a neglected space on the internet. I stopped writing when my day-job became unbearable. I was terrified that in some frustration that someone would search me up and utilize my blog against me. I’ve been pretty kosher about what I write about. There are topics that I refuse to discuss openly on the internet. It is not worth losing my livelihood to discuss controversial topics. When you are going through your teenage angst, everything you write is significant and earth shattering. (Not true)

I am at the cusps of my adulthood – at least far enough removed from identifying as a post-graduate any longer. When I was interviewing for a job, this blog was discussed. I never shared the link on my resume and my blog was not even relevant with the position that I was applying for. We discussed my Nike half-marathon post but never got around to discussing my many posts about pursuing happiness and entrepreneurship. It was the most important thing you learn from my blog besides my love for running.

I started this blog out of frustration. I wanted to get out of the re-blogging cycle of Tumblr. There was an audience but I felt out of place there. I was looking for a ‘safe-place’ on the internet to openly discuss my quest to find (a) my career and (b) my own business.  (Jokes on me considering that the blog comes up in a deep internet query for me) Hola, HR folks!

No one ever tells you that life after college is a lonely one. For those who didn’t end up a medical professional, engineer or lawyer – we’re just hoping that we were doing okay by today’s standards. We don’t want to end up on that ‘entitled millennial’ list. We all know that ‘list’ and no one aspires to be on it.

Of course you have your childhood and college friends but everyone gets caught up with their own lives. The catch-up dates/dinners can only give you a glimpse of what we experience every single day.

I started writing again after a few faithful readers asked about my blog’s whereabouts. I never knew that my little window in the internet matter to anyone besides me. Most of them said, ‘I miss your honesty and sincerity.” Thank you, really.

Cheers to another chapter on Sincerely, Malissa.