Several months ago, my friends went on a ‘100 days of happiness‘ challenge. I loved the idea but I could never commit to something like that. I still have that issue with managing countdowns for social media. I decided to do a countdown until my 25th birthday. No, I don’t celebrate my birthday for an entire month. I  find the idea of scheduling lunch/dinner outings a bit tedious? I rather have everyone over for old fashion BBQ and a good board game. OR I can run another half-marathon for my birthday… That’s my fun for you. My 100 day challenge is to finish what I started:

1. Writing out a 5-year Business Plan

2. Writing out a 5-year Life Plan (Career, Wedding, Pregnancy – all in that particular order)

3. Pitching my ideas to magazines/online publications that I’ve dreamed of

4. Re-doing my portfolios (writing and photography)

5. Hanging out with people I’ve lost contact with

6. Running faster and stronger than ever

7. Getting into crow pose (life goal)

8. Writing every single day in whatever form (digital or print)

9. Spending quality time with my loved ones

10. Thanking people who have supported me 110% through my identity crisis (seriously, who AM I?)

I’ve been in this weird funk lately and I am hoping to get my act together in the next 100 days.  Scary.