Ensenada_2Three months ago, I emptied my bank account and started a small multimedia company with me as the owner, president, head of operations, and main boss lady. My decision came after years of deliberation with my loved ones. I admit, this experience hasn’t been the easiest transition into entrepreneurship. There are plenty of things I am still figuring out. I am just excited that I am doing things that make me happy.

I remember reading inspirational quotes on happiness and often thinking,

“well that would be a great dream, but who the heck will pay my bills?”

The looming threat of poverty still plagues my thoughts; I don’t want to subject my family to another lifetime of crippling stress and worry.

When I was younger, I saw people work jobs that made them unhappy every single workday just to put a roof over their heads and food on the table. For a long time, I thought that was what being an adult meant. You have a job but you probably hate it.  It’s normal, right?

When I graduated from college, I was excited to finally apply for the dream jobs. At least, I thought I would apply for those types of jobs.  On most days, I found myself riddled with anxiety after clicking on a lengthy job description for a reporter or journalist position at a local newspaper. In my head, I would never be good enough to cover stories for so-and-so publication on an everyday basis.

That was my problem. The whole anxiety issue of deeming yourself “not-good-enough” was poison to my happiness. Even with launching this blog, I wrote a handful of drafts that I deemed not good enough.

I realize that this mindset needed to change, especially as a business owner. It’s more than flipping a switch and being completely happy. It’s changing your thoughts and actions to become your source of happiness.

Every day is another day in the pursuit of happiness.